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Food Services Resources

  • k12 Payment Center Logo K12 Payment Center allows parents to easily and conveniently make payments on your child’s meal account from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This will save you time from having to come into school to make these payments and it also cuts down on the need for cash or checks which can get lost in the process. It is not a requirement for you to use the system but it offers you another option to make payment quickly and easily. Other benefits include free access to your child’s meal history online, ability to transfer funds from one child’s meal account, and get notification of low balances and new school fees.

    Free/Reduced Meal Information$ sign in green circle graphic
    Yes, there IS such a thing as a FREE LUNCH! Your child may be able to receive free or reduced (.25 cent) breakfast and lunch! Anyone can apply and the school nutrition team can help! 





    USDA in blue text with green swishes underneath USDA Food and Nutrition Programs and Services         
    Learn more about the food and nutrition programs and services offered through the United States Department of Agriculture. This includes food distribution programs, child nutrition programs, and supplemental nutrition assistance programs 
    Learn more about USDA Food and Nutrition Programs and Services



     Happy Birthday graphic with shooting colorful stars Host a School Lunch Birthday Bash
    We would like to help you celebrate your child's birthday at school! Birthday Pizza Party packages are available at each school building and include a choice of pizza, plates, birthday napkins and ice cream for the birthday boy or girl. Downloaded and return the order form to the kitchen manager at your child's school. 



    Summer Lunch Program logo with yellow smiling sun graphic Summer Lunch Program
    Just as learning does not end when school lets out, neither does a child's need for good nutrition. The Summer Lunch Program provides free, nutritious meals to children in the Phoenix community. Additional resources include Hunger Solutions NY, Phoenix Area Food Pantry, or on the USDA website.




    choose my plate logo with colorful plate and silver fork Food is Fun
    Getting children excited about eating right and making healthy choices can be fun. Invite your child to take an active role in planning healthy meals in your household. Give your child one night of week where he/she can determine what the entire family will have for dinner and make sure the meal includes at least one vegetable and one fruit. As part of the meal planning ask your child to write a grocery list and invite him/her to join you when you grocery shop.

    Fueled For Fun & My Plate Kids' Plate


    Health logo with colorful word art circle On the Path to Health and Wellness
    Good nutrition habits serve as the foundation of a child’s overall well-being, and our Food Service Department wants to strengthen that foundation for each student. To guide students along the path to health and wellness, our team has served up several helpful resources.

    Nutrition: NY School Nutrition Association & Eating Healthy on a Budget  
    Health: Healthier Generation & Kids Health 
    Hunger Issues/Help: Hunger Solutions

     Food Allergy Policyphoto of different fruits, vegetables and spices on black background

    We understand that children have different nutritional needs as well as personal taste preferences. We address this by offering meals in components and providing a variety of menu options in the form of choices. Providing meals in this manner, and offering choices within each component category (fruit, vegetable, entree, bread and milk), gives each child the ability to customize a meal that suits his or her appetite and food preferences. A younger child may opt to select only three items, while an older child may select all items offered. Staff members are instructed not to automatically put all the components on every child’s tray, but to allow them the freedom to choose variety and number of items at each meal.

    Discontinuing the service of foods containing a specific ingredient, such as peanuts, would eliminate the possibility of student exposure to that ingredient. Items that do not contain peanuts in any form may be produced in manufacturing plants that also produce peanut products, often on the same production line. Despite careful review of ingredient statements there is no guarantee that a product not labeled as containing peanuts does not indeed include this ingredient or included in error by the manufacturer. In addition, this does not address the issue of students bringing peanut-containing items from home.

    It is not possible to establish and maintain a “peanut-free environment” in the cafeteria. As such, parents with concerns regarding special needs may be well advised to consult with their medical professionals, the school administration and the on-site health care professional, such as the school nurse, to ascertain the best course of action for their children and to assist students in making appropriate choices. Monthly menus are posted in each cafeteria and can be accessed on the website.

    District Wellness Policy

    The Phoenix Central School District is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects children's health, well-being, and the ability to learn by fostering healthy eating and physical activity.
    The District has established a wellness committee to develop the District's proposed local wellness policy, making such policy recommendations for review and adoption by the Board of Education.