Professional Development

  • The purpose of professional development is to improve the quality of teaching and learning by ensuring that teachers, teaching assistants and long-term substitute teachers participate in substantial professional development to remain current with their profession as they help all students meet or exceed state and local standards. 

    Our district Professional Development Committee plans and provides faculty and staff members professional development guidance and a menu of approved professional development opportunities each year. Such opportunities are offered in a variety of formats, and by multiple providers, as articulated in the District's Professional Development Plan.

    Certification Requirements

    Holders of Professional teaching certificates and Level III teaching assistant certificates are required to complete ongoing professional development in order to maintain such certification – 175 hours every five years for teachers, and 75 hours every five years for teaching assistants. Holders of these certificates will have access to the full range of opportunities, activities and events noted in the district's Professional Development Plan.

    Mentor Program

    In compliance with the Commissioner’s Regulations Sections 80 and 100.2, the Phoenix Central School District provides holders of initial teaching certificates with a formal mentor program during their first year. The goal of our Mentor Program is to ease the transition from teacher preparation to practice, thereby increasing retention of teachers in our school district, and to increase the skills of new teachers in order to improve students achievement in accordance with State learning standards.

District Initiatives

  • The district has identified the following professional development topics as focus areas for the next three years:

    1. Curriculum Mapping
    2. Common Formative Assessments
    3. Data Analysis / Goal Setting
    4. Increasing Performance of our Students With Disabilities
    5. Exemplary Instructional Practices
    6. Capturing Kids' Hearts